Christopher C. Catania Sr. is the Owner and Chief Investigator for C3 Detective Agency. Since 1988, Mr. Catania has conducted investigations into areas such as:

-    Insurance Claims
-    Interviewing
-    Interrogations
-    Surveillance Operations
-    General Investigations
-    Executive Protection
-    Wrongful Death Investigations
-    Copyright Infringement
-    Workplace Theft
-    Workplace Narcotics
-    Retail Theft
-    Court Records Research
-    Locates
-    Background Investigations
-    Pre-Employment Screenings adhering to National    
     Atomic Energy Commission guidelines.
-    On-Site Nuclear Power Plant Pre-Employment
Mr. Catania is a graduate of the;

-    The Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation
      Basic and Advanced Courses
-    Pinkerton Investigations Academy in Stone Mountain,
-    MJM Training Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina
-    HUB Enterprises Field Training Academy in Lafayette,

In addition, Mr. Catania is a graduate of the Academy of Chiefs of Police Executive Protection Training seminar located in Huntington Beach, California.

Wisconsin License # 16818-062
3 Detective Agency, LLC

A licensed Private Detective Agency in the State of Wisconsin
Toll Free:    1-877-895-8338

Toll Free:    1-877-895-8338
A licensed Private Detective Agency in the State of Wisconsin
3 Detective Agency, LLC